Sunday, July 28, 2019

In Photos: Wednesday's Anti-Boris Johnson Protest In Russell Square

Photos: Wednesday's protest against Boris Johnson on Russell Square

"F * ck Boris" was the prevailing mood at a rally on Russell Square last night, protesting the new role of former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, as prime minister.

The event, which called itself a "street party," was planned as a protest against Johnson, who was "a proudly racist, sexist, homophobic prick."

According to the organizers, hundreds of people went up to Russell Square before an estimated 10,000 people marched to the gates of Downing Street. Here are some of the posters they carried (they contain a strong language - you were warned):

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

BEA1991: Model New Grownup assessment – | Music

WBEA1991 sang somber pop-pop on their 2014 look and wore a muscled bodysuit like Robbie Williams' rock dj with no pants and lion print. The eccentric picture stays: the paintings of Model New Grownup exhibits her on a cow. Whereas a step towards the bed room R & B has tempered the immediacy of BEA1991's music, the soiled textures on their debut album can nonetheless enchant.

BEA1991 introduced some magical magic to Blood Orange's final two albums, particularly on Freetown Sound's breathtaking funk E.V.P., the place she defied Debbie Harry. Dev Hynes pays again the favor of the spreader. Did You Really feel Me Slip Away; His bass provides her reverberated singing voice, which drives like elegant Tumbleweed, a driving boast. My Personal Heaven seems like Röyksopp on Kate Bush's The Dreaming, on which BEA1991 cuts by means of the vocal palimpsest with a conspicuous tongue tornado: "She wants an embarrassing mixture of apparent journey and certainty." Age-appropriate theme referred to by the title, an concept that elsewhere is much less clearly developed.

Model new hopscotches for adults, although they nod to Chamber Folks and Yacht Rock with their sound, although you're questioning if BEA1991's critical style fusion at all times has the meant impact: at one level, blissful journey hop reminds you of Dido. In an announcement on Bandcamp, she described the album's 10 tracks as "a reassuring sound expertise". Whereas Model New Grownup creates a traditional ASMR, it feels just like the BEA1991's capabilities can attain greater altitudes.